It really sucks coming back to the fake world from the real world...

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A just below lukewarm Diet Coke finish off three nights in Desolation.

Kept up late packing, overthinking, and by fireworks so I'm starting off two and a half hours late. Still, I'm off.

Rolled out of bed and into a 2 hour meeting. I need coffee now.

A straight up peregrine falcon glided in and landed on my fence, stared at my friend and I, then took off before I could take a photo. Super amazing!

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I got a GoPro to take backpacking instead of my XPro2: phone-quality photos, and the camera, charger, and two spare batteries takes up as much space as the camera.

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Drinking the last of my stash of the valkyrie's choice craft mead clone - going to have to start another batch here soon.