Also it smells really good, I used Odie's oil to finish it and Howard's beeswax and orange oil to polish it. The wood smells exquisite :D

The action and playing area are a lot different than what I'm used to because it's smaller than my other banjos, and I've never had nylon strings before, just nylgut.

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It's all settled in, completely with a moon bridge... I have to say, only a few days of playing but I absolutely love it already.

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The finished product as of yesterday afternoon, though it's still settling and the strings need to be broken in, plus I have a different bridge coming in this week. I'd kind of like to swap out the tuning pegs because I don't like the fiddle style pegs. Sounds good, it just needs to be retuned every few measures...

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Came back to the Carver mountain banjo kit that I ordered...