It is endlessly fascinating to me that with some wire on the fence and less power than most USB chargers use, I've been able to reach Canada, Japan, and Russia.

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First HF QSO (with Japan!) via FT8 on 20m, nearly 5,000 miles. Not bad for a dipole strung out along my fence.

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Tried to talk on the ISS repeater, had things misconfigured but I could hear people.

Realized this morning that I've been a ham for about 17 years now, which makes me feel old...

10m and 20m antennas ordered, going to make a concerted effort to go HF

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Trying to work 6m and 2m FT8, but no dice. I really need to get an antenna and probably some kind of mast...

Not pictured is the test node with a BF-F8HP hooked up to a second laptop.

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My couch is littered with radios... an FT-817, a VX-6R, a hackRF, a talk about, the pixel with some APRS software...