Another doctors appointment down. Glad it's over. I don't do well with blood.

Got a tetanus shot on Monday. My arm is really feeling it today.

Spotted Latternflies are swarming our patio. I do not want this.

Even though I haven’t been computering much lately it’s really nice to see that something I wrote made it on HN, Lobsters, and a few subreddits. Neat.

Test drove a 2013 RAV4 today. It's currently at the top of the list for our next car. Impressed with how much cargo space you get.

Going to need some Yorkshire and Amnesiac to get me through this day.

Our 2007 Prius is about to give up the ghost and I really don’t want to spend the money on a car right now. Ugh.

Why does fresh pre-cut fruit always taste better than preparing it yourself?